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eBill Preferences

eBills Are eBetter
A few reasons to switch to eBills
Less Clutter
There's no "delete" button for paper bills.
Space Saver
Store a hundred or thousands of eBills in the same space. Paper fills file cabinets.
Easier to Read
Whether you're trying to read the fine print or figure out your bill, zoom is better.
Easy Access
eBills are accessible from anywhere. Paper Bills are accessible from one place: your mailbox.
Tree Saver
If you like trees, and most of us do, eBills are the right choice.
Better Security
Want to steal a paper bill? Visit any mailbox. Want to steal an eBill? Brush up on your military grade encryption.
Let's face it: eBills are just better. Make the smart choice and move to eBills now. You'll still receive the same bill with the same level of detail. We'll just be sending it to your email inbox instead.
To Opt-In or Opt-Out of receiving an eBill please select the "Modify eBill Preference" button below.

RealPage Utility Management prepared your monthly statement on behalf of your community management office.

  • This account statement is generated by RealPage Utility Management, 2201 Lakeside Blvd., Richardson, TX 75082.
  • Some charges appearing on this statement may be allocated from master property bills from utility provider.
  • Charges are billed to residents based upon their lease agreements. For details on rate calculations, refer to your resident portal or contact the property's management staff.
  • Property charges reflect data in the resident ledger as of the date bills were printed and mailed.
  • Please contact your leasing office for billing inquiries or disputes.